COVID-19 Update

Rad Orthodontics COVID-19 Safety Measures for Employees and Patients

We are OPEN! Please call our offices to schedule your next visit with us!!! We are available to all of our patients via email (, text message to  (301) 637-8433 and phone call to (301) 299-3993 to answer any and all questions.

In an effort to protect our patients, staff, and families, Rad Orthodontics has gone to great measure to reduce the communication of COVID-19.

Coincidentally, in the months leading up to the outbreak, we underwent a full OSHA/CDC update with onsite consultants.  We are fully up to date and exceed OSHA/CDC guidelines.  In addition to that, we have enhanced the following:

Air Purification– We installed multiple HEPA air filtration units within each office that boast a 99.97% filtration at .3microns.  In addition the primary air filter for the offices has been upgraded to a high level (FPR 10).

Digital Thermometer “touchless” thermometers are used to take the temperatures of any and all persons entering into our office space.  This includes every member of the Rad Orthodontics Team, patients, parents, and guardians.

Hypochlorous Acid Fog is being applied to the offices to disinfect the air and all surfaces.  HOCL is completely nontoxic and is naturally occurring.  It is being applied every 30 minutes to various parts of the office.

Masks Any and all people entering into any of our offices will wear masks.  This in non-negotiable and includes team members, patients, guardians, and postal carriers.

Face Shields -All team members will now use face shields to protect against aerosol communication, on top of the Level 2/Level 3 masks we have always worn during visits.

Disposable Gowns We also have changed out normal lab coats to disposable so that they can be discarded once used.

Limiting People In the Office We are taking measures to limit the amount of people in the offices at any given time.  We have reduced our patient schedule by 50% in order to maintain the 6 feet Apart Rule  and to allow enough time in between patients for a much more rigorous and strict disinfection of the office. This will mean that we ask parents of children over the age of 12 to wait in their car and limit the use of the waiting room.  We will be staggering appointments and not placing patients side by side in the clinic. 

Eliminating Aerosols– We modified our treatment protocols to minimize or eliminate any procedures that use air and water that would create an aerosol.  This will not compromise the results or outcomes of treatments; it is simply a different approach.

Virtual Appointments– Doctors will now be offering virtual appointments and wellness checks via our newest software partnership with Smile Snap, which can be accessed directly through our website.  This will limit the number of office visits that will be needed for some of our patients but will still give direct access to the doctors.

Rest assured, we have spared no expense in investing in more robust barriers and distancing measures.  The safety of our patients and staff is of the utmost priority to us.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these improvements, please contact us directly.   Thank you for your continued confidence in our practice!

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