Smile Express

Do you want to touch up your smile fast? Then Smile Express is a perfect option for you. Smile Express is an at-home Invisalign aligner treatment for adults that only requires one in-office visit. Contact us today for more information.

What is Smile Express?

Smile Express® is an at-home Invisalign® aligner treatment for adults who want to give their smile a touch up, without the hassle of repeated office visits. It’s designed to reveal your best smile, safely: providing the convenience of remote care paired with the expertise of a leading local orthodontist that guides your progress every step of the way.


How does Smile Express work?

It’s simple!

You go in for your office visit, get scanned and discuss with the Orthodontists if you are a candidate for Smile Express! Once you are determined to be a good fit for the program, we simply ship your aligners to your door, and you begin treatment! All you need to do is switch out your aligners on the dates indicated by your Smile Express kit, and enjoy your new smile in as little as six months!