What is a Board Certified Orthodontist and what does that mean?

Board Certifications for Orthodontists

Board certification for an Orthodontist means that they have willingly gone through hundreds of hours of extra training, and have had to demonstrate their judgment, skills, and knowledge. They provide the highest level of patient care, and it’s not surprising considering less than 30% of orthodontists become board certified! Achieving board certification is the final step of many long years of education and training. The process of becoming board certified is a long one: orthodontists must complete a written exam and a clinical examination. Once these components are complete, an orthodontist has a time-limited certificate, at this point, the orthodontist must complete another examination in order to remain board certified.

What does this have to do with Rad Orthodontics?

Recently, our associate Orthodontist, Dr. Page Collymore, become a Board-Certified Orthodontist! We are incredibly proud and happy for her! Next time you see her in the office, please be sure to say “Congratulations!”

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